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Lead-Author Papers/筆頭

  1. ''Polarization of the first-hour macronovae''
    Tatsuya Matsumoto
    submitted to MNRAS; arXiv: 1807.04766 [astro-ph] ; ADS

  2. ''Constraints on the emitting region of the gamma-rays observed in GW170817''
    Tatsuya Matsumoto, Ehud Nakar, and Tsvi Piran
    submitted to MNRAS; arXiv: 1807.04756 [astro-ph] ; ADS

  3. ''Is the Macronova in GW170817 powered by the central engine?''
    Tatsuya Matsumoto, Kunihito Ioka, Shota Kisaka, and Ehud Nakar
    ApJ., 861, 55 (2018) ; arXiv: 1802.07732 [astro-ph] ; ADS

  4. ''Can isolated single black holes produce X-ray novae?''
    Tatsuya Matsumoto, Yuto Teraki and Kunihito Ioka
    MNRAS., 475, 1251 (2018) ; arXiv: 1704.05047 [astro-ph] ; ADS

  5. ''Jet-powered supernovae of ~10^5M_sun population III stars are observable by Euclid, WFIRST, WISH, and JWST''
    Tatsuya Matsumoto, Nakauchi Daisuke, Kunihito Ioka and Nakamura Takashi
    ApJ., 823, 83 (2016) ; arXiv: 1512.03058 [astro-ph] ; ADS

  6. ''Can direct collapse black holes launch gamma-ray bursts and grow to supermassive black holes?''
    Tatsuya Matsumoto, Nakauchi Daisuke, Kunihito Ioka, Alex Heger and Nakamura Takashi
    ApJ., 810, 64 (2015) ; arXiv: 1506.05802 [astro-ph] ; ADS
Co-Author Papers/共著
  1. ''GW150914-like Black Holes as Galactic High-Energy Sources''
    Kunihito Ioka, Tatsuya Matsumoto, Yuto Teraki, Kazumi Kashiyama and Kohta Murase
    MNRAS., 470, 3332 (2017) ; arXiv: 1612.03913 [astro-ph] ; ADS